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Events and Attractions

Looking for something to do in Clarksville? These 61 attractions will get you going!


Clarksville's food scene hosts more than 225 places to satisfy your hunger!

Parks and Trails

  • The Greenway
  • Fort Defiance Civil War Park
  • Riverwalk
  • Neighborhood Parks
  • Swan Lake Sports Complex

Transit System

All buses leave the Transit Center, located at 200 Legion Street, at approximately the same time and travel to the outer reaches of the city. The buses then return to the Transit Center at approximately the same time, enabling passengers to transfer from one route to another route to reach their final destination. Additionally, there are transfer points along each route for quicker transport.

County Commissioners

  • District Map
  • 2020 Legislative Agenda
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  • County Government Departments

Clarksville Regional Airport

Please take some time to see what the Clarksville Regional Airport and Clarksville-Montgomery County has to offer.